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ShoppableIQ makes monetizing your Web site much easier, and therefore makes any Web site or blog profitable by use of their plugin. Producing the content that is compelling drives mass awareness is only great and beneficial if you are able to monetize that traffic.

While many people focus on traditional banner advertisements and contextual advertising, it does not generate the maximum number of clickthroughs and interaction most people desire. Because of the standard results, very few Web sites can survive on advertising alone.

Product Placements

With ShoppableIQ, you can quickly turn any YouTube video into a shop window on third party Web sites. You then allow visitors and viewers to have an instantaneous connection to in-video contacts. With a simple, drag and drop interface, you can place any type of product or any kind of link at any stage throughout the video you put on your Web site.

Products in videos are known to have the highest clickthrough rates of any of the options, which total twice the rate of contextual links and six times the response that banner advertisements receive. With the integrated analytics, you can take the guesswork out of product placements through the use of in-depth video analytics. You can easily and efficiently find out which links work and which links do not work.

How Does the Plugin Work?

It allows you to embed links or products in any YouTube video wherever you choose and at specific stages. The goal of the overlay is to help you draw sufficient traffic to your store or to monetize your blog traffic through the use of affiliate links. By using this plugin, your visitors are four times more likely to click on video overlays than they are to click on any other advertisement or link you may have posted on your site.

How Does it Work?

When you do post a video on your blog, you can add onsite or offsite content or you can add links to products or services you would like to recommend or suggest to your site visitors or blog readers. The links will be embedded in the media player. When the links are clicked on, the links will open in a new tab, which means readers will not have to leave your blog or Web site to check out the content to which you are referring them.

Why Use ShoppableIQ?

Actually, the answer to this question is very obvious. You would use our plugin to generate a much greater response and to make money from your Web site or blog. Because visitors to a site are 144 percent more likely to purchase a product they see in a video, you will quickly see amazing results.

With clients like Adidas, French Connection, and Warehouse, it should be obvious even those companies who have products with great brand recognition are always looking for a way to make additional sales, so if they are willing to get on board with our product, which is in the finalizing stages, you need to get on board, too, so you can be among the first to try out our great new plugin and profit from it as well.

Only 23% of Internet Users Are Happy to Accept Cookies

surveyWebsites attempting to comply with the EU privacy directive will have a difficult time in persuading visitors to accept cookies. The online survey carried out by TolunaQuick and indicates that small online businesses will be the hardest hit.

Most web users are aware of what cookies are, the survey reports, however, it would appear that many are not totally aware of how essential they are to providing a good user experience for visitors. Cookies allow a website to idenfity if a user is logged in or not and what they should see on the website as a result. So, online retail stores will need to be careful which cookies they drop on the end user.

Third-party analytic cookies, such as Google Analytics will not be affected by the EU privacy directive. For more information on the results of the survey visit the econsultancy blog